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Advances in Prosthetics Help Amputees Live Normal Lives May

The 2 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may have been controversial, but there is one fact that Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can agree on. These wars spearheaded tremendous research into prosthetics development, triggered by the vast numbers of veterans returning home from these countries with missing limbs. As a result of that research, even civilians who have suffered amputations can look forward to a life that is much more mobile, and independent than amputees could expect earlier.

No Need for CT Scans for Kids with Abdominal Injuries

The risk of radiation overexposure and the injuries resulting from such overexposure have been in the headlines recently, after several hospitals across the country were found to have exposed patients to excessive levels of radiation. Los Angeles personal injury lawyers find that unnecessary radiation exposure can have serious consequences in children. A new study finds that children who have suffered abdominal injuries do not necessarily need CT scans.

J&J Was Aware of Hip Implant Failure Rates

When a British metal implant registry revealed that Johnson & Johnson's hip implant devices had high failure rates, Johnson & Johnson was quick to refute those allegations. However, records published in the New York Times now indicate that the company was aware at the time that the implants would fail in approximately 40% of the patients who received it.

Booster Seats Reduce Risk of Death in Accidents

When children are restrained in age-appropriate booster seats, Los Angeles car accident lawyers find that they have a much lower risk of being injured in an accident. A new study confirms this fact. The research conducted by The Children's Hospital Boston and the Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention analyzed car accident data dating to between 1999 and 2009. The data came from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

CPSC Issues Warning about Baby Monitors

Federal agencies are warning about the risk to children when baby monitors are not kept safely out of reach of children. The Consumer Product Safety Commission along with a children's products group is issuing a warning about the strangulation hazards with the use of these baby monitors.

NSC Marks Safety Month in June

Every year, millions of Americans are injured in a number of preventable accidents that range all the way from workplace accidents to car accidents. The National Safety Council is marking the month of June as National Safety Month, and has planned a number of programs aimed at increasing awareness about injury prevention.

Doctors Report Progress in Treating Hand Paralysis by Rewiring Nerves

Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine are reporting the results of a path-breaking new experiment into the treatment of spinal cord injury-related paralysis of the hands. By using an innovative new technique that involved the rerouting of nerves to the upper arms and hands, the researchers were able to get a 71-year-old man who had suffered a spinal cord injury, to get his hands moving again.

Researchers Unveil New Putty to Heal Broken Bones Faster

Broken bones and fractures are some the most frequent car accident-related injuries that California personal injury lawyers come across. Scientists at the University of Georgia have developed a new product that would help heal fractures and broken bones much faster.

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